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Gor is a planet, the Counter-Earth, but it is also a compilation of science fiction stories recounting the adventures of the main character, Tarl Cabot. John Frederick Lange, Jr., a professor of philosophy, who wrote under the pen name of John Norman, gained controversy, so much so that often you can still find them classified as erotica. In reality, they are quite mild by today's standards.

The novels are not particularly well written, in my opinion, and the author often contradicts himself.  No matter the faults found in the books for those that can't for one reason or another read the actual books, these pages are to help, at least, be a foundation of learning of this wonderful, beautiful world called Gor.

Gor exists, according to the High Castes which teach the "Sun Shield theory," (the Priest-Kings explain it a bit differently) in the same orbit as the planet Earth, and circles the same sun, though not in direct view from Earth, the sun "shielding" the planet from view. Slightly smaller in size than that of Earth, it claims ownership of three moons, and because of its different mass and size, the gravity field is lighter than that of Earth. The Priest-Kings, an alien species native to the planet Gor, apparently were forced to find a new location for this planet in order to prolong the survival of their species. Due to the surrounding atmosphere of Earth, this provided an adequate base for the Priest Kings and their collections for their vivaria, or zoo. It is not the Priest-Kings who refer to Gor as the Counter-Earth or even Gor, but by mankind which had been brought to Gor by the Priest-Kings in order to preserve the species known as humans.

"That is why I like to think of the planet as the Counter-Earth, not only because of its resemblance to our native world, but because, as a matter of fact, it is placed as a counterpoise to the Earth. It has the same plane of orbit and maintains its orbit in such a way as always to keep The Central Fire between it and its planetary sister, our Earth, even though this necessitates occasional adjustments in its speed of revolution."  Tarnsman of Gor

Many of the plants and animals found on Gor are unknown to Earth; perhaps some originating on Earth, but adapting to the strange, new gravity of Gor, and the harshness of the world itself. Most of the beings on Gor originated from Earth, or at least their ancestors. Cultures from parts of Earth such as Italy, Greece, the Arab nations, Africa, India, the Native Americans, the Eskimos, the ancient Japanese in later books and the Vikings are easily recognizable. It is a world without pollution, without machines, without guns and nuclear missiles, television, telephones, and the internet. The people of Gor loving their planet, loving the beauty of nature, even revering such things. Gor is a world where men dominate, and women are controlled even being kept as slaves so they may be even better controlled.

Gor has become a phenomenon of chat rooms, the role playing of such a harsh but beautiful world called Gor something not to be equaled. Unfortunately, a raping of the books to form many of these chat sites has been the result, many offering wrong or incomplete information to their members. For example, it is often seen in chat rooms, the spelling of Earth as "Urth." That, however, is not a Gorean spelling or word; at least it not used in that way in the books of John Norman; the same with the replacing the "i" in words with a "y" (i.e., blackwyne, rather than black wine). Most undoubtedly, this spelling was created by the rag-tag group of people that first started the Gorean chat rooms, and who also created a "Gorean language" called the "Kassar Language" amongst chat room groups that is not supported, at all, in the books.

So, what is Gor? Simple in and of itself, the answer, but in the years "Gor" has risen to fill chat rooms filled with daily battles between roleplayers (gamers) to "life stylers." Gor is a fictional world of alternate reality, as well as a model for a lifestyle philosophy. It is something that rarely will two different people agree with, but many will get together to discuss.