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Close your eyes and picture a map showing a large land mass, a continent that spans the entire page from top to bottom and left to right. This is known Gor.

On the left or west side of the continent, from the very top to the very bottom is the ocean, called "Thassa". "Thassa" in Gorean means "the sea". On the right side of the continent, about 3/4 across the continent toward the east or right side of our mental map, is a long red mountain range that begins about 1/3 from the top of the map all the way down to the bottom. It resembles a spine or vertebrae of the continent. There is land to the east of the mountain range which we shall get to in a while. This long red mountain range is called The Voltai Mountain Range and is the longest and largest range known on Gor.

Now we move our eyes to the top of our mental map, beginning at the very top and center. There is the Polar Cap of Gor, then Ax Glacier directly below the Cap. Ax Glacier is a land mass cut right between two huge glaciers. It is shaped somewhat like an axe, thus its name, Axe Glacier. It is the arctic of Gor.

Just below the arctic is a strip of land that spans horizontally across the continent from Thassa to approximately 2/3 to the east, or right side of our map. This is Torvaldsland, a craggy, hilly, rocky freezing land. This is also the home of the Torvaldslandmen who are akin to the Vikings of Earth. This is a harsh land and the men are large and strong.

To the left of Torvaldsland, out in the sea are three islands, Hunjer, Skjern and Helmutsport. These are free islands mainly used for trade.

Moving down from Torvaldsland, is the city of Kassau on the right side of the map and sitting virtually on top of huge belt of forest green. This is the Northern Forest. The Northern Forests span from Thassa on the left or west side of our map all the way as far as known Gor. It is said that the Northern Forests probably belt the entire planet, ending on the other side of the sea. This is the home of the panther girls. The panther girls are outlaws of Gor, they are not part of civilized Gor. They are not allowed in cities and are usually made up of runaway free women or slaves. They survive by living off the forest. On the edge of the Northern Forests are the Laurius River, the cities of Laura and Lydius. These are northern towns normally making their living off lumbering and fur trading.

Our eyes move downward just a bit more and to the right or eastern side of the map. There is a huge mountain range that seems to almost sit on top of the Voltai range except for a small pass that cuts between them. This is the Thentis Mountain range known for its wild tarn. If one wer to stand atop one of the peaks of the Thentis Mountains, they could look eastward and the mountains would seem to flow into the horizon. No one really knows how far the Thentis Mountains flow eastward but they seem to align with the Northern Forest.

Moving through that small pass between the Thentis and Voltai Mountain Ranges, we enter another vast piece of land known as The Barrens. This is the home of the Red Savages of Gor.

Eyes moving back to the center of our map, we look downward again from the Northern Forests and see a raging wide river that cuts across the continent from west to east. This is the mighty Vosk River. At some points the Vosk is over 40 pasangs wide. There are river ports dotted along the shores, both north and south shores of the Vosk River. These are referred to as simply, the Vosk River towns or ports.

Imagine we are sailing down the Vosk River beginning on the eastern side at the base of the Voltai Mountain Range. We pass many river towns along the way moving westward. At the very western side, the river seems to break up into small flowing tributaries, hundreds of them. This is the beginning of the Vosk Delta. Home of the Rence Growers. The Vosk Delta is a marsh land where the Vosk empties itself moving westward finally reaching Thassa, the sea. The Vosk Delta is a very dangerous place for any human to travel if not familiar with its ways.

In the center of the Vosk Delta, a little to the right and upward lies the city of Port Kar. Port Kar is known for its pirates and outlaws. Beyond Port Kar to the left of our map is the Tamber Gulf, then Thassa, the sea.

If we were to stand in the middle of the Tamber Gulf and look outward about 400 pasangs from Port Kar, we could see two huge islands in the middle of Thassa and a bunch of small islands surrounding them. These are the Islands of Tyros and Cos. The Island of Cos sits about 100 pasangs north of Tyros.

Back to the center of the map and downward again from the Vosk River is the glorious city of Ar. Below Ar are the Southern Plains of Gor, home of the Wagon Peoples. Then downward again is the fabulous city of Turia. Turia is sometimes referred to as the southern equivalent to Ar. Move your eyes to the right of the map, beyond the Voltai Mountain range. There is a massive desert there on the east side of the Voltai. This is the Tarhari Desert. It is huge and spans thousands of pasangs in length and hundreds across. The Dune country lies to the eastern edge of the Tahari. The Dune Country is where salt is mined and is a very dangerous area. Most skirt the edges avoiding the Dune Country when traveling the desert.

Back to the center of the map, we move our eyes downward and to the western side. There we have Schendi on the coast. Schendi is a very large trading city where many goods pass through for trade in the north. Inland from Schendi are the Schendi Jungles and rainforests of Gor. Below that on the coast is the city of Bazi, another free port. Below this and out in the middle of Thassa are the islands of Anango and Ianda. These islands are considered mysterious by most Goreans they lie so far south hardly any man has ever ventured to them.

That is the mental map of Gor. This one hope it helped those curious about Gor a little in understanding its terrain.

In summary from the top of the map moving downward:

Axe Glacier...Torvaldsland, Hunjer, Skjern and Helmustport... Kassau and the Northern Forests, Laurius River, the cities of Laura and Lydius...Cos and Tyros to the west in the middle of Thassa...The Delta of the Vosk River and Port Kar; inland is Ko-ro-ba and Thentis in the Mountains of Thentis...To the south of the Delta is Tharna...The Voltai Mountain ranges runs from north to south from Boswells Pass to the very bottom of the continent on the eastern side.

The Vosk River...Ar...The Cartius River...Far to the south is the city of Turia...To the far east, beyond the Voltai Mountain range is The Tahari Desert...Further to the south is Schendi and Bazi...Out to sea even further south is Ianda and Anango.

Here You will find Georgraphy broken out in two ways.  First will be geographical type ... ie Cities, Mountains, Lakes etc ... the second is by region of Gor where all the georgraphical types will be included in the individual region.  The regions have a brief explanation but for more information or quotes please look at the geographical type section.


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